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We are a game design studio building worlds where play meets purpose. Fairness, equality, and ecological thinking are woven into our practice. We approach games as channels for understanding across species, not just entertainment. Our participatory design process gives voice to human and non-human actors alike. Each game we craft is a convocation welcoming many kinds of minds. With care, we sculpt spaces where imagination and insight can unfold. Join us in entering into restorative playscapes that centre healing and dialogue. When everybody is playing, then we're doing it right.



Antarctic Purr Rumbl e 2022

This is an interspecies love song, it is of a polyamorous love, a response to a mating call heard via a field recording out of time and out of place, supposed for another sensory system, that of more-than-human beings. The crabeater seal vocalizes mainly during the breeding season between October and December. Although the males do not defend underwater territories, they are thought to guard a single female on the ice until she is ready for mating and conception. Unlike some other species, the Crabeater females will pull themselves out alone on the ice to give birth. An adult male (not the biological father) will attend to the mother and pup until about 2 weeks after the pup is weaned.

Parliament of Bees . 2021


The use of sound is an important part of how bees communicate with one another and coordinate their activities within the hive. This is a deep and active listening process to an-other-than-human collective. Methods of listening and mediating are derived from Electronic Voice Phenomena, a technique of receiving messages via technology from the non-human world. The sonic landscape of bees becomes a screen from which we pull out and also project on meaning and associations.


Mycelium Erotica . 2022

An auditory and visual exploration into the intimate connections of mycelium as a response to watching mycelium consume their surroundings. A total and absolute consumption. The external matter no longer exists in the same way, it is absorbed. Does it become a part of this being, is it now inside it, or has the structure of the hyphae now changed through having consumed this? This destruction is inherently erotic, a part of the reproduction of mycelial networks. Mycelium are essential to renewal and regulation of all ecosystems, having an essential role in digestion, decay and renewal of all matter. This is an imagining into the erotica of this organism. As solaris produces an image of a human, mycelium sporadically propagate and produce a fruit from their meeting. Sensors placed within mycelium help us map this journey.

What is it like to be a stone? This is an exploration into consciousness in the non-human and how we might begin to imagine that. I feel the warmth of the sun on my surface, the coolness of the ground beneath me, and the weight of other objects resting on top of me. I feel the force of wind and water as they shape and erode my surface over time. I do not have the ability to move; I am at the mercy of the forces that act upon me. Through techniques in thinking, sound and visuals we explored whether sometimes it is good to be a stone.


Stone Gossip . 2022

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